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In this article I am going to discuss the various aspects of marketing, break the myths about marketing, the what, why, how and when of marketing with an example that can give you a clarity about it.

· What is marketing? Is it science or psychology?

· When does it start before creating the product or after creating the product?

· Is it just about identifying the need or just delivering the product?

Marketing is more than just selling. It is rooted mostly in human psychology.


Marketing…isn’t a new word that is recently being hyped. Its origin can be…

It is all about a 7 year long journey where a young girl who had nothing in mind, no wishes, no trust issues, no failures, no motivational requirements. She is as plain as water as refreshing as air with everything in her life that most of the people wish for in their life. Though she belongs to a middle class family she never felt the need for anything at anytime.

She believed that her life is gifted with everything until she faced her first failure when she went to study far away from her hometown where she is no more…


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